If your transmission needs replacement, TDS Transmission in Newmarket is the place to come.  The transmission is one of the most vital parts of your car.  Without it working well, your car won’t be going anywhere. The need to have your transmission in top working order is crucial.

If you are having transmission trouble, how do you know if it needs servicing or replacement?  For honest advice trust the experts at TDS Transmission.  TDS Transmission has been serving Newmarket for transmission replacement and servicing needs for over 30 years.

What can you expect from TDS Transmission?

We are experts in both automatic and manual transmissions.  Our service technicians know whether you need to fix, rebuild or replace your transmission.  We will give you right advice and expert service at a price point that fits your needs.  At TDS Transmission we will answer all of your questions so you know what work we will be doing.

In the event that your entire transmission needs replacement, TSD Transmission is your local shop serving Newmarket and the surrounding area.  Our more than 30 years’ experience means that we will replace parts or the whole transmission as required.  We will keep your car safely on the road.