If you have questions about your drive axles, TDS Transmission in Newmarket has the answers.  The drive axle is powered by the engine.  The drive axle is the force that helps your wheel assembly move in a vertical path or with turns.  Without your drive axle working well, your car will not function the way you want it to.  Serving Newmarket, TDS Transmission will help you with your drive axles services and parts.

What are the drive axles?

Every car has axles.  Axles move the power and torque from the engine to the wheels.  The axles must carry the whole weight of your vehicle.  They are used for steering, driving and braking.

The drive axle is joined to the driveshaft.  The driveshaft connects the engine to the transmission.  The engine, in this case, helps turn the drive axle.

A broken drive axle will cause a lot of problems for you.  This is part of your car that needs to be taken care of as soon as you see something awry.  Serving the Newmarket area, trust TDS Transmission to help you with any problems with your drive axles.  TDS Transmission is the drive axle service expert you need to keep your car on the road safely.