TDS Transmission in Newmarket ensures that your CV joints are working at their best.  CV joints are the reason that your car’s wheels turn at a constant rate.  Any glitch in the system will affect the car’s suspension.  In order to keep your car running smoothly, regular maintenance is important.  TDS Transmission will make sure your CV joints work well; just come to Newmarket to see how we can help.

The two most common types of CV joints you will find are ball-type and tripod-type.

The experts at TDS Transmission will help you understand what CV joints your car has.

Repairing a CV joint.

The sooner any damage is found, the less costly it is to fix.  In the worst case, the full drive shaft needs to be replaced.  To avoid a pricey repair, on-going maintenance should occur.  TDS Transmission will take care of all of your maintenance.  Serving Newmarket and area, TDS Transmission will fix worn or broken CV joints.