Welcome to TDS Transmission, Newmarket’s stop for machining and flywheel service. No matter what you need, you can rely on our 30+ years of experience to get the job done right. Trust our skill and practice to work on your machining and flywheel  service with top quality workmanship. Come to Newmarket, to TDS Transmission, for your machining and flywheel needs.

A flywheel is a large metal disc with teeth on it. A flywheel is a spinning power-driven device. It is attached between your transmission and engine. It is what your starter turns which spins your engine to start it. The flywheel helps to keep things moving smoothly.

Flywheel / machining can occur with mild wear on the parts by repair. It is likely, though, that it will need replacement if it is bad enough.

How can TDS Transmission help?

No matter what part of your car’s Drivetrain needs to be fixed, we are here to help. TDS Transmission has the skill you want and will give you the advice you need.  If your clutch needs to be replaced, ask us about checking your flywheel.  Clutch failure can occur if your flywheel is worn or broken.

Your machining and flywheel service are in skilled hands when your car is with us. Rely on the experts at TDS Transmission in Newmarket for all machining and flywheel needs.