If you need a hydraulic repair, TDS Transmission in Newmarket is the place to come.  All of the parts of your car need to work in sync for an ideal drive.  If your hydraulic system is not working well, then you need to get it repaired.  TDS Transmission has been serving Newmarket for over 30 years and can do all hydraulic repairs.

What is the hydraulic system in the car?

There are many parts that may be run using hydraulics.  These may include the hydraulic clutch and the hydraulic brakes.  No matter what part has hydraulics, it is a must that they be kept clean and in good repair.  TDS Transmission will take care of that for you.  We are experts in hydraulic repairs.

In order to keep your car running at its best, come to TDS Transmission, your local auto shop serving Newmarket.  Our more than 30 years’ experience means that we know what it takes to keep your car on the road.  No matter what the concern, if your car needs to be fixed, we can do it.  Located in Newmarket, TDS Transmission knows how to do all hydraulic repairs.  You will be glad you came to get service with a smile and a job well done.